Number Guessing Game

In this project you will build a small number guessing game. System will select a random number between 1 and 100. See if you can guess it in 10 turns or fewer. We'll tell you if your guess was too high or too low.

JS Console

In this project you will build a JavaScript console. In this console you will be able to run any JavaScript statements and expressions. Let's try to evaluate JavaScript expressions using your own code.

Image Changer

This is a very simple JavaScript project which will toggle the images on click of it. In this project you will learn how to handle the events in JavaScript. Learn different ways you can attach event handlers.

Silly Story Generator

In this project you will generates a silly story. We will have a variable username and converts the default US weight and temperature quantities and units in the story into UK equivalents and generate a random silly story.

Image Gallery

In this project you will learn how to create an image gallery just by using plain JavaScript. You will see a main image box and few thumbnail images at the bottom. On click of the thumbnail images it will open in the main image box.

Bouncing Balls

In this project we will build a bouncing balls demo, to show you how useful objects can be in JavaScript. Little balls will bounce around on the screen, and change color when they touch each other using the Canvas API.

Matrix Effect

In this project your will build Matrix rain animation effect using HTML5 canvas and JavaScript. Learn multiple JavaScript features that has been used to create this project including String, Math and Canvas API.

Top 5 Searches

In this project you will build a fake search site, with a search box. The idea is that when terms are entered in the search box, the top 5 previous search terms are displayed in the list. It always shows last 5 searches.

JavaScript REST Calculator

Create a calculator application, using the web services provided. The calculator should act like a "normal" calculator. e.g. if you push '5', then '+', then '5', then '+', the calculator should display '10', while waiting for the user to enter the next operand.

JavaScript Event Key Codes

Build a small JavaScript app to get the key codes and other key information. This will allow you to understand how to read keyboard inputs using the event handlers for keydown/keyup.

Drum Kit

Drum kit

CSS Clock

CSS Clock

Update CSS Variables with JS

Update CSS Variables with JS

Flex Panels Image Gallery

Lets learn to build an image gallery using the flex panels. This project demonstrates the power of HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

JavaScript Typeahead Search

Implement a sample type ahead search using the JavaScript.

JavaScript Interactive Map

If you’ve ever used Google Maps to zoom in on a location and change your view mode, you were using features that were built with JavaScript. JavaScript’s ability to create dynamic objects makes it a natural fit for creative interactive maps on websites or in a web app. While you don’t need to aim for recreating Google Maps on your first time out, experimenting with a simpler map project like Sara B’s interactive Codepen map (built using the JavaScript framework jQuery—a collection of JavaScript libraries with pre-written, reusable code) is a solid way to familiarize yourself with JavaScript’s map-making capabilities.


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